4 step process to work with usOur Process

1. Schedule a Consult

Nightscapes LED professionals will meet with you to discuss your wants, needs, and desires to design a plan for your outdoor spaces. We will provide the ideas and vision along with your aspirations to design a nightscape that will be the envy of your family, friends, and neighbors. Our designs address function, beauty and security.

2. Deliver a Cost Estimate

Nightscapes LED will fully explain the process and provide a competitive cost estimate. You may opt to light your nightscape in phases starting with your most desired area first. Once our customers see the initial phase, they often want to schedule the next area for its makeover.

3. Installation

After approval of the cost estimate, we will schedule installation. The installation of your outdoor lighting is quick with limited disruption to the yard and garden areas. We work to install the bulk of the wiring in the grass rather than in the gardens. Excessive wiring in the gardens leads to cut or damaged wiring by landscape professionals doing regular maintenance work, causing you headaches, frustration, and extra costs. Any wiring that needs to go in your gardens gets placed into a chaser pipe for protection. We use the best wire connectors for the application.

Our draftsman prepares a professional drawing with the location of wiring, connections, and fixtures. Mapping provides ease in locating wiring and connections for repair and additions and assists other contractors that do underground work.

A licensed electrician will install electrical outlets where needed to provide the power needs. Transformers will be placed, and all the wiring will be attached. Timers will be set to meet your needs and the lighting will be tested and properly aimed. Nightscapes LED recommends the use of smart timing devices that work with a smartphone and other smart home devices for ease of use and more control.

4. Sit back and relax.

Enjoy your new nightscape or plan a get-together,  knowing your home is secure!


Let's get started creating your outdoor experience together.

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