Architectural Lighting

house with up lighting at nightThe outdoor illumination of buildings and structures in residential and commercial settings is referred to as architectural lighting.

Lighting the exterior of your home or commercial property requires knowledge, experience, thought. and a vision.

The design of this lighting is often very artful with thoughtful consideration of:

  • beauty
  • elegance
  • function
  • security
  • engineering
  • psychological effects
  • physiological effects

The efficient use of the lighting relative to location, direction, color, effect, accentuation, and distribution is also critical for proper design. Lighting special features of your home or art, sculptures can be done to complement and enhance architectural features.

Wall mount lighting, chandeliers, pendants, track lighting and more can be used in collaboration with architecture to add intimacy and enhance the spatial experience.

Let us help you with a design that enhances your home or office. 

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