Landscape Lighting

The outdoor illumination of gardens, trees, decks, paths, courtyards and other outdoor spaces in residential and commercial settings is referred to as landscape lighting. There are numerous types of landscape lighting that provide various effects.

Why use landscape lighting? 

landscape lighting at night in a treeBeauty

Our homes may look beautiful inside but outside they are often nothing but darkness. There are so many features outside the walls of your home that can be spotlighted and accentuated to provide splendor to your house and landscape. We paint, plant, prune, nurture and clean the exterior of our homes to display our homes during the daylight. However, at sunset our homes become a blank slate waiting for us to bring new elegance and allure to our properties. A professional landscape designer can help you and your neighbors see your property in a whole new light. We find the locations, features, textures, and colors that beg to be accentuated to put your house and yard on display. We know the techniques to maximize the potential charm and spectacle of your nightscape. 


The functionality of our homes is seriously considered and properly designed to meet our family's needs and wants. There is often little thought given to this when it becomes dark. There needs to be thought put into how we perform simple tasks outside at night as well as how we recreate and entertain. Walkways and paths need to be properly lit for safe and easy movement. The outdoor lighting for pools, decks, and grilling stations should be designed to serve a purpose along with providing its intended beauty. We can add power capabilities to selected areas of your home’s or building’s exterior when installing the landscape lighting to add function and capabilities for your electronic devices including TVs, computers, stereo equipment, etc. With today’s technology and effective lighting, we can do everything outdoors that we once could only do indoors. 


Properly placed lighting fixtures can be placed at specific locations and in specific manners to provide additional security measures. By lighting our nightscape, we create visibility and dissuade criminals from targeting our home. We can light up locations that require special attention like doors and other potential entry points. Your outdoor lighting will harden the target for criminals and make them consider an easier venue to exploit.


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